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Starts 25th June 2018

Each Day We’ll Send You:


Detailed notes, to enhance your learning experience.


A video exploring a new coding topic! Miss a video? No problem, you can watch it again.


A plentiful bounty of amazing resources that’ll help you hit the ground running.


Top Tip’s 


Set aside roughly 60 minutes a day to complete the challenges, this accounts for 30 minutes of video-based theory and 30 minutes of practical learning.


Join our Facebook group, a new group is created for each challenge ensuring that everyone is on the same page!

You’ll Discover…

How to use coding to launch tech startups, creating brilliant websites and web applications.


If coding is something you want to pursue as a career.


Everything you to need to know to see if a career in coding is for you.

How to create your first website with evergreen HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

How coding dramatically improves your career opportunities.

What coding is and understand how everything from your phone to your car uses code!

The 5 Day Coding Challenge At A Glance…



The challenge itself will be delivered via email and will cover the following topics:



Day 1: Your Coding Blueprint


Day 2: HTML, The Backbone of the Web


Day 3: CSS, The Most Stylish Language


Day 4: Responsive Design


Day 5: JavaScript, Powerful Features



After the 5 Day Challenge, you’ll understand the basics of HTML and CSS. More importantly – you’ll find out if you have what it takes to be a developer or if it’s even for you.

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