17 May Job titles and keywords to look out for

If you’re new to the tech business, or haven’t worked in it at all, job-hunting can be daunting. How much expertise is required? What job titles should you look for? And where do you start?

A great thing about upskilling in tech is that it makes you more employable and versatile in just about any industry. And, of course, these skills open the door to a world of new tech jobs.

Here are a few job titles and keywords new graduates should look out for…

Tech support and customer service

Don’t be put off by the idea of customer service and support. You might be surprised at the salaries and benefits these jobs offer, and you’ll learn a lot.

Roles like Technical Support Engineer and Customer Support Engineer will give you a lot of experience for developer roles. And many (if not most) of the large tech companies promote from within.

Junior Web Developer

Titles like Junior Web Developer and Junior App Developer are great opportunities to use your new skills. They’re wonderfully broad too – you might be developing apps or sites for literally any company, from logistics to insurance to videogames and everything in between.

Junior Software Developer

This is a role that some of our graduates are working in right now. Your duties as a junior software developer can include research, design, programming and testing.

RPA Developer

RPA (robotic process automation) is a growing industry, utilising AI for clerical work. Coders and technicians are often needed in this field. On a related note, technical expertise makes candidates more employable in administration work too.


Another blossoming industry, eCommerce (or online shopping) companies are often looking for junior designers and tech support. You might be helping the company’s website or app run more smoothly, adding features, or helping customers (business-to-business or business-to-customer) who have technical difficulties.

Some of our graduates have also established successful eCommerce businesses of their own.


Full Stack Web Developer

A full stack web developer works on both front-end and back-end development.

On the front-end, a full stack web developer uses a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build everything a user sees and interacts with on a website. On the back-end they develop the application, server, and database that make up the foundational structure of a website. As a result, full stack developers have the knowledge and skillset to enable them to work on projects from initial conception to completion.

When searching for jobs, don’t forget that there’s sometimes a hyphen in the job title so it might read “full-stack”. Also, it’s helpful to remember that definitions of the role vary from company to company (and even among full stack developers and their managers!) so we would advise taking a good look at the advertised role before applying.

Front End Developer

As you know, front-end development deals with the part of the site the user actually sees and uses – so homepages and buttons, as opposed to lines of code. A number of our graduates have found employment in front end development.

These jobs are just the tip of the iceberg: Everyone’s life and work experience is different, so new tech skills will affect everyone in a unique way. And bear in mind that with emerging technologies, new and exciting jobs are constantly emerging. We can’t wait to see what you work on…

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