Career-Ready Coder in 12 Weeks

Next Class, 8th January, 2018


A Typical Classroom Day

09.00 Morning Session

We start the day properly with a review of content from the day before; our coding experts will give you an essential course recap so that you stay on top of course content.

09.15 Key Coding Concepts

Our teachers will begin with a walkthrough session every morning. They will guide you through key coding concepts for the day before diving right into practical applications. We value interactive classroom discussions; don’t be afraid to contribute to this engaging class time.

13.00 Lunchtime

Refuel and relax after a productive morning of learning. Get to know your classmates; you never know where a new startup idea could be born. If you want some air, why not explore the lively Dublin setting of our bootcamp? Your choices are endless!

14:00 Practical Applications

We devote our afternoon class to practical applications; our teachers apply the coding concepts they introduced in the morning session to a real world scenario. This session is all about collaboration; you’ll work as a team to find solutions together. Software developers often work together on projects so it’s important to be able to adapt and collaborate together.

16:00 Evening Feedback and Guidance

Our evening session gives you access to invaluable feedback from our experts. They will walk you through the daily coding exercises and solutions to see how you did; our teachers’ feedback will always guide you in the right direction. Take this time to ask them any questions you have in relation to your project work.

17.30 Conclusion

Class is officially over, but our teachers are still around to help you with any issues or questions you have. It might also be the perfect time to start working on your class projects. These projects will test the skills that you’ve learnt in class, and you’ll have a professional portfolio to showcase after the course.

Student Success

Darragh’s Story


“My current career wasn’t going anywhere. I didn’t really like college either. What I liked about Code Institute was the project based learning. I’m most proud of getting my career in a much better direction.”

Darragh Browne | Customer Support Engineer

Nakita’s Story


“The most valuable thing for me was coming out with industry relevant skills – Code Institute work with an industry advisory council. Once you finish the bootcamp you feel really equipped to find a job in the market”

Nakita McCool | Software Developer & Tutor

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Fullstack Syllabus


Learn how to create well structured online content with tried and trusted HTML.


Complement your HTML5 skill with CSS3 and create beautiful, responsive web applications.


Breathe life into your websites using JavaScript and derivative libraries; jQuery, D3.js and Angular.js


Discover how you can Python & Django can combine to create powerful web apps in a few days.


Learn how to use the version control and project management platform. Engage with GIT users and showcase your portfolio.

Data Management

Create and access data from sources like relational databases (MySQL, SQLite), public data and social data.

Agile Development

Learn to work swiftly and precisely to ensure projects are perfectly executed and delivered on time.


Learn Django, an high-level Python Framework that enables rapid development with clean design.

Career Assistance

Land that dream job with portfolio polishing, interview preparation and tech-industry guidance.

Europe’s Only University
Credit-Rated Coding Bootcamp

Edinburgh Napier

We are proud to be credit-rated by Edinburgh Napier University, making Code Institute the only accredited Bootcamp in Europe.

On top of a pro portfolio and coding skills – graduates are awarded a globally recognised Diploma in Software Development.

Code Institute’s
Industry Advisory Council

Industry Advisory Council

The Industry Advisory Council (IAC) is our panel of industry-leading experts who review, validate and recommend syllabus improvements.

IAC insight enables us to tailor our course content to ensure we teach the most in demand, industry-relevant skills.

More Student Success

Student Portfolios

Key Numbers


Week Classroom Bootcamp


Thousand Euro Avg. Starting Salary


Thousand Euro Avg. Salary In 4 Years


Credit-Rated Coding Bootcamp


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Enrol in our Dublin Coding Bootcamp

Dublin Bootcamp | 8th January, 2018

  • Career-Ready Software Developer in 12 Weeks
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  • Industry-Validated, Credit-Rated Syllabus
  • Practical, Packed Portfolio
  • Professional Skills Training
  • 1,500,000 Unfilled Tech Jobs Worldwide by 2020



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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is This Programme For?

You don’t need developer experience. If you’re passionate about technology and dedicated enough to learn – then this course for you.


This programme is all about getting back as much as you put in. We give you the tools and the framework – all you need is commitment.


Don’t worry about disrupting your work // life balance – if you can’t commit to an in-class cohort – apply for our fully mentored online course.

Should I know how to code in order to apply?

Code Institute’s Coding Bootcamp is designed to take you from a total novice level to a world-class beginner – ready to enter the industry for their first role as a developer, where advanced learning really begins.

You don’t need years of experience to successfully complete our Bootcamp. Several Code Institute graduates had no experience starting out and are now working in industry. All of our students have access to an introductory module – Stream Zero – to skill up on the basics, so everyone is on the same page from the outset.

For more info, we also offer open evenings in which we discuss the the programme in-detail and what will be expected of you.

You can also get in touch and we’ll answer any further questions you have.

Does my Bootcamp Cover Mobile Web Development?

Technically yes — any app you build will be responsive. Responsive design means your app will render perfectly on a desktop as well as a mobile.

In-depth mobile app development is more specialised, for example – Android requires Java, and iOS requires Swift.


So while we don’t specifically cover mobile app development on the Bootcamp, all of your web applications will work perfectly on mobile (without listing on Android Marketplace or iTunes App Store).

Will this Learning Style Suit me?

Please see our mentored online and classroom bootcamp pages for more information.

Are there Age Restrictions?

Your age is irrelevant both to the Code Institute applications team and prospective employers. We seek students who love to create with a desire to succeed.


Due to the huge skills shortage, age is not even part of employers’ equation. If you have development skills, a strong portfolio, you’ll be in demand no matter your age.


Don’t believe us? Neither did Alun Price: Hear his success story about how his age was an afterthought to his skills and portfolio.

What's your Non-EU Student Visa Policy?

We welcome anyone who has the passion and desire to learn how to code, but we are not in a position to help anyone through the visa application process.


What is Code Institute’s Approach to Training?

Guided by industry professionals from the outset, you will learn how to think methodically.


We believe that if we can help you think think and develop code like an experienced programmer, then you will be able to build on that skill-set in your coding career.


We take a practical approach to training, observing how students use their skills and imagination to build up their portfolios.

We encourage teamwork, both in class and mentored online through the class network. This way you have the sustainable resources needed to become a successful web developer.

Can you Describe the Curriculum from Start to Finish?

Your programme is broken into 3 streams and an introductory module – Stream Zero.


Stream Zero: Our introductory pre-Bootcamp module. To begin Bootcamp, it is essential that all students skill up on the basics.

Stream 1: Front end tech and scripting with JavaScript libraries and frameworks

Stream 2: Back end technologies and server-side scripting with Python libraries

Stream 3: Relational Databases and Django full stack framework


Each day will be broken into theory and lab sections.

New topics will be introduced by showing real work examples, followed by contextualisation of the material and its relevance to the course content. This will then be followed by walkthrough examples led by the lecturer.

To reinforce understanding, students will experiment on their own variations of the topic examples aided by the lecturer.


Each stream concludes with a student project based off stream content. Each stream will build upon the previous stream.

We also include gamified learning; quizzes and exams at all levels to enhance the learning experience (games add a little bit of fun too).

Why is there a Stream Zero?

Stream Zero is an introductory pre-course module we provide to ensure every student in Coding Bootcamp hits the ground running.


By using the end-point of Stream Zero as starting points for our Bootcamp, when you log on to our mentored online learning platform or walk through the classroom door — you’ll be immersed yourself immediately.


Put short, Stream Zero allows completely inexperienced students to get a grasp on what’s to come in their Bootcamp..

Are There Exams?

There are no exams. Each stream has a final project which utilises everything you’ve learned on each stream.


Quizzes are a learning-aide and do not contribute to your final grade and there is no final exam.


What Will I Learn?

We have spent a huge amount of time working on the multifaceted aspects of this programme to ensure that it meets (and exceeds) your every expectation. The syllabus has been designed to help you to become a “world class beginner” as a programmer.


You will leave Bootcamp knowing how to creatively design, plan and build useful web apps. We don’t just teach you how to write code we also help you to understand why you are doing it.


We will motivate you to surpass your own expectations as we believe there are no limits to our students’ capabilities. Through your commitment and hard work, with the help of a close network of classmates, devoted mentorships and the most up-to-date industry relevant material you will graduate ready to start your career.

How Will I Spend my Time?

In all learning there is a certain amount of one-to-many teaching so there will be a number of informative lectures held by our experienced mentors.


However, this programme is hands on (no 8-hour ‘sit and listen’ sessions). The bulk of your time will be spent coding in a practical environment– practicing what you learned to date.


You will be working in small teams, problem-solving, applying your combined skill to create high-functioning, beautiful applications in an Agile environment.


There are 200 odd hours per Stream. Coding doesn’t stop in the classroom. You’ll undoubtedly be working past the ‘contact’ 40-hours-per-week – roughly 15 self-taught / application hours per-week minimum.


More questions? Come along to our Careers Open Evening and have your questions answered first hand from our experienced education team.

Click Here to learn the advantages of coding bootcamp over a 4-year computer science degree.


Where Is The Training Taking Place?

Your classroom course takes place at our Global Centre of Excellence in Dublin City Centre.

How much is Code Institute's Bootcamp?

It depends on what method of learning you prefer; mentored online or in classroom.

Check out our pricing table and decide which option best suits you.


VAT applies in certain countries, please contact an Education Adviser for more information.


A company or individual within a company that is paying incurs NO VAT.

A valid VAT number and registered address of company are required to avail of exemption.

How do I Apply?

Fill in our application form and one of our educational advisers will call you up to discuss your expectations and to give you more details.

How Long Will I Have Access to Course Content?

Bootcamp material is accessible to you for up to one year after the completion of your bootcamp. This means you get access to any updates that take place in that timeframe.


After your bootcamp graduation, we would expect that you will gain your first role in development as a junior developer. As you’ll be exponentially learning at your new job, we believe that you will no longer need access to the course material after working in a role for 6 months.

Are Code Institute Qualifications Industry-Recognised?

Yes, we are the first credit-rated coding bootcamp in the world.


We are credit rated by the Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland at Level 8 diploma on the Scottish Credit & Qualification Framework (SCQF). We are also fully credit rated onto the European Qualifications Framework.


Your certificate will be a credit rated Diploma in Software Development.



Also, our unique Industry Advisory Council (IAC) would be the best proof of Code Institute’s industry recognition and validation. The role of the IAC is to review, validate and recommend improvements to our syllabus.


What Coding Level Will I be at when I Graduate?

Come to our next Open Evening to hear from a Code Institute student and their Bootcamp experience.

Can I really become a programmer in 3 months?

Our goal with this programme is to jump-start your career in coding. We intend for you to become an excellent, lateral-thinking starter. Obviously, programming and systems analysis is a career that takes many, many years to master. We expect you to come out of this programme with enough expertise and programming nous to be able to contribute as a junior developer. Your first job should be a continuation of your education with Code Institute.

Will I get a Job After Completing This Programme?

No Educational Institute can guarantee that you will be hired after completing a course, but by ensuring you are learning the latest skills (validated by our Industry Advisory Council), the Credit Rating by Edinburgh Napier University and the global skills shortage for developers, you have an excellent chance.


I'm Afraid I Won't Complete It

Completion is just a matter of systems. If you want the result of X – it’s going to take Y amount of hard work and dedication to get there. Rather than just saying “I’ll do this,” ask yourself, “What am I willing to sacrifice to graduate?” You can find the time to do anything if you want it badly enough.

So the question you need to ask yourself is how badly do you want a new start?

I'm Worried that I'll Graduate and Realise Software Development isn't for me.

You’ll never be 100% sure, but 80% is good enough to get started.

Coding skills are diverse and easily transferable to any industry. The more layered and diverse your skills are – the more employable (and salaried) you are – just click the link below for more details.


Coding: Not Just for Coders


“Nearly 7 million job openings in the U.S. required coding skills last year, representing 20% of the total market for “career-track” jobs – defined as those that pay at least $15 per hour.”


Even if you didn’t want to be a coder for the rest of your life; there are tonnes of career paths that will open for you as an alternative!