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Live Q&A 5 Day Coding Challenge Workshop

5DCC Recap – Live Chat Q&A – Your Next Steps

Tuesday, June 19th 2018

– 7.15pm (GMT +01:00 Dublin)

You’ll Discover…

Recap on what you learnt in your 5 Day Coding Challenge – step by step

We’ll show you real-life examples of our students work and what they’re doing now

Interactive live chat

You’ll Discover…

Exactly how to launch your career in coding — step-by-step.

How quickly you can learn the skills to attain your new career (in less time than you think).

Landing a tech job when you have the ‘wrong’ background.

How to get employers interested in you – even with almost no experience.

Hear from a former student about their new dream career and the opportunity that learning to code has created.

The exact standard of portfolio you need to prove your coding prowess.