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Coding Fundamentals for Business Professionals

_Closing The Gap Between

Code And Conversation

Are you an industry professional who is baffled by coding speak? SDK. API. Django. Java… These words are being bandied around in meetings but something is lost in translation.


You’re not alone. As non-coders around the world struggle to communicate with their dev team, projects are delayed or never see the light of day, budgets are burned and you’re left wondering where it all went wrong. 37% of developers cite poor team or organisation management as the reason why software projects fail.


That’s not good.


But that doesn’t have to be the case anymore with our Diploma in Coding Fundamentals – a 30 hour online course of video content that will help you better communicate with coders to bring your ideas to life and enhance your career.



How to brief coders into a project in a language you’ll both understand

How to build and empower great coding teams

 The key concepts and opportunities of software development

 Tried and tested programming languages including Java, HTML, CSS, Python, C++ and more

UI and UX focused design

Core coding competencies: Front End, Back End, frameworks, software development, Cloud Computing, Data Management, and APIs

Coding for Business Professionals

We’ve packed the 30 hours with digestible content and useful information so you’ll come away with an excellent understanding of effective communication, cross-team collaboration, and the language of code. Interested in how this course could benefit you and your career?

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Designed by industry experts, the course takes real world examples so you can apply them to your work life. Maximise your project and prospects with the Diploma in Coding Fundamentals. Download a brochure, chat to the team or enroll now.

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