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Date: Thursday, July 13th

Time: 18.30 - 20.00

Location: Online



Learn to structure your website using tried & trusted, easy-to-read HTML.


Style up your HTML and make it adaptable
to more devices using CSS.

Figure out if a career in the tech industry
is your true calling.

Learn Anywhere in the World!

We want to give everyone a chance to learn how to code, so we’ve made our Virtual Coding Workshop completely free for 20 lucky people! Simply sign up to be in with a chance of winning your place, follow up via email and log on before it starts!

But I Can’t Code?

Our programme director and head of mentoring will be delivering the virtual workshop so don’t worry! Just log on to the workshop and we’ll give you everything else you need to create a simple site.

Immersive Coding Experience

When everyone is logged in and ready, we’ll start our virtual coding! 90 minutes of practical web development with other beginners and professional developers! Virtual learning combines the same benefits of being right there in the classroom with our lecturers, classmates and mentors with the accessibility of being able to learn anywhere in the world!

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